Thursday, April 1, 2010

Picture Book

Had lunch in Chinatown with my LaSalle Academy teacher, Patrick Cullinan . In 1969, Pat realized Geometry was not my strength and he graciously bent a straight line to get me out of the path of summer school. God bless him.

We caught up and had fun. Pat's a terrific photographer and a large part of his work can be found at his photo web site:

In his pictures, he caught an era going through seismic changes in the East Village (1968-1973). Pat loves New York City history and it visually takes off in these photos. All b&w shots were taken by Mr. C.

ps walking around after lunch, we circled the old Collect Pond foot-print. I believe the building at the n/e corner of Bayard & Baxter Street may be one of the few walk-up seven story buildings in NYC.

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