Monday, April 5, 2010

Coney Island & Yorkville ~ Garden Power

I cycled to Coney Island in the deep fog Easter morning. Spooky stuff. By the time I arrived on the boardwalk the crawling eye was crawling away. The sun sucked up the mist. Riding along the wood slates I listened to Kenny Rankin's Peaceful.
Passing 23rd Street off Surf Avenue I saw a few people shoveling and tilling the soiling for a new garden right off the boardwalk. Good for them, good for us.
Mom used to wheel Rory and I down York Avenue to the hospital grounds below 70th Street and point out the spot through the fence where she planted her World War II Victory Garden in 1944 ~ a tiny plot for tomatoes. Gardens enrich everyone's lives, it never fails. I'm biking back to Coney Island in the summer to see the garden grow.


katrin said...

I like your writing style, Tom. I am in Cali but felt as though I was on York Ave. near the hospital... at your mother's victory garden.

Thomas Pryor said...

Thanks, Katrin, hope you are well, Tommy