Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Wish That I Knew What I Know Now

when I was younger...
This afternoon, I pedaled to the East Village, saw a balloon and visited St. Mark's Church. There was a wish tree in the churchyard decorated with wish cards, and I wrote on mine, "I wish to see my daughter soon." Took some pictures, and caught a guy trying to steal my bike. A picture of the thug manhandling my ride is below. I took the bike back from him and said, "thank you."

Then, I dropped in on a live East Village Radio show, Atlantic Tunnel on First Avenue

between 1st & 2nd Street. It was cool, they do the show in a store front ~ behind the glass they spin the tunes. They love what they're doing and that is infectious. Just cheers me up.
Atlantic Tunnel is hosted by Brits Ed Rogers and Gaz Thomas, the popular radio show can be heard on Sundays from noon - 2 pm @ Sunday. Today's show was dedicated to Ian McLagan a member of the Small Faces and Faces. Ian didn't write "Ooh La La," but I love it.


colly mack said...

Your graciousness towards the thwarted bike thief is kind of impressive.

Thomas Pryor said...

weird feeling, guy seemed like he needed it more than me, i almost gave it to him