Saturday, February 7, 2009

Coney Island Inanimate Object Party


My stomach's feeling funny. I'm sitting in the Yorkville Diner and I can't figure out what to eat but somehow end up with a Diet Coke, Ice Tea and water. My belly is miserable, I don't want anything. I don't know what I'm doing out? I want exercise, I've been sick for four days and miss the bicycle and the gym. Me thinks, it's the plague, I coughed up a toad and a rodent's leg.
Last fall, I biked to Coney Island at the end of the season two times, and each time the weather was warm, sunny and breezy. I love riding the bike over the Cropsey bridge and officially landing on the Island of Coney. The first time, I took two hundred photos, rode like a bandit, then sat down and had a cold fruit snack, while I'm eating, I reach for my camera and it's gone. I couldn't believe I was distracted enough to be robbed, so I thought I dropped it through a hole in the boardwalk. The camera was small enough to drop through several holes in the area I was sitting, and moving around a bit. I decided to go under the boardwalk and find the camera. I wormed through a fence and got under it and it was strange. Hadn't done that in thirty years or more. Its cold and dark mixed with shafts of thin ethereal light off the sand and the pillars. While I looked for the camera I found things, a yellow rubber ball, a blue plastic necklace, a whiffle ball, a gold metal necklace, things from Davey Jones Locker, but unfortunately no camera, I took my new things home with me and brought them back to Coney Island the next weekend with my new new camera. Then we celebrated being all together again by having an Inanimate Object Party that was filmed by my new new camera. When I am better, I will take everyone back out to Coney for another party.
Here is my first column in the terrific new Eastside newspaper, the NYC Informer
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Tootie said...

You do need to get out for some air, if you're out having parties with strange objects. :-) Feel better soon!

Tommy Pryor said...

thanks, tootie.

i am sure 100 years ago, i would have been a rag man with a horse named sam, i collect stuff, but luckily, i put everything away