Monday, January 12, 2009

Give it to Jacobs!

"Oh, no! Manning!"
Here I am, watching the Giants self destruct yesterday.
"Please, Eli, no more sneaks."
I don't handle big losses well. It took hours and a large piece of golden cake with chocolate icing from Cindy, my baby-sitter, to calm me down after the Giants turned the NFC crown over to the Eagles, or if I have my druthers, the Arizona Cardinals.
I always wear my birthday hat for big Giant games. Gets me in the mood. Philly played well, we were doo-doo and at least it wasn't the Cowboys.


Tootie said...

Very cute! By the way, I loved the Coffin story. :-)

Tommy Pryor said...

thank you, tootie, and i'm carzy about sanibel and your journals, keep it up, tommy

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Golden cake with chocolate icing is my favorite, and I request it for most birthdays.