Sunday, November 23, 2008

Clothes Horse, Then and Forever

They seek him here,
They seek him there.
His clothes are loud,
But never square.

You had no clue, Ray Davies wrote those telling words about me. Ray said, "Tommy, you are a dedicated follower of fashion."

That's me at LaSalle Academy @ 44 East 2nd Street in 1969.
(Photo taken by "Cool Pat" Cullinan, my geometry teacher)

I still own the jacket, a 40 Regular. Worn on my first date with Rosemary DiNatale in 1970. We took in Monterrey Pop at the Paris movie house across from The Plaza on a rainy afternoon.

This outfit, complimented with powder blue socks and desert boots earned me jealous stares, oohs & aahs.


Jennifer said...

I love the jacket! I'm sure you impressed your date.

Carolyn said...

But what color is the tie?

Abbi said...

At first I read, "Dessert boots", and I thought, "Boots for different courses of the meal? He IS serious about fashion."

I think it's time to invent dessert boots Tommy.

David said...

As I recall, that is the way jackets looked in those days. Ask Lindsey Nelson. But powder blue socks and desert boots, man, Tommy, you were making a statement!

Alison said...

haha nice reference. You've always been known for your chic style.