Saturday, January 11, 2020

Keeping The Faith

2020 still hopeful
I'm smiling today, despite my New York Giants self-destructing as I start my fourth quarter.
I have faith the Jints will win a fifth Super Bowl before I kick the bucket. (see Jimmy Durante in "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World.") I'm like a lifetime Red Sox fan before 2004 refusing to die before the Bambino curse was broken. Boston's mortality rate spiked after they beat the New York Yankees. Passion does that.

my position after another crushing nyg loss

Mom said when I was a kid I'd flip out and levitate when she put the extra Yankee Doodles pack in front of me. She hid it behind the mass of Ronzoni boxes in the cabinet over the washing machine. My father was a pasta freak.

12.25.60 Xmas
517 E. 83rd St.
uncle mommy 83rd st.

uncle mommy 83rd st.

In my 66th year, I dream the Giants will become competitive and win one more Vince Lombardi trophy before my appt. with Walter B. Cooke. Mom's gotta have one more pack of Yankee Doodles hidden for me. I better start working on her Mother's Day card. It's going to be a good one.
P.S. Thank you, Eli Manning for you know what.

1964 Thomas Pryor art work:
"One Foot Gifford On Construction Paper"
Had a crappy pair of dull scissors too lazy to get the sharp one in the kitchen. After Mom knocked my similar work of Mickey Mantle off my bedroom wall and threw it away She claimed it was an accident whiles she was dusting. Under my breath, "Fat liar."

two # 16s with their heads glued together — with Frank Gifford at Borders Books & Music.

89 & teepee
Central Park 1961

my 1970 NFL football signed by George Chapman & my second single. My first single was "I Told The Witch Doctor." I think Rory robbed it.

Mom watching me play football in 1969 at Harris Field.

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