Friday, May 27, 2016

How Dad Met Mom

The father took his little girl down John Jay Park and they walked up the steps to the spot where the painted home plate was for a softball game. The father knew she was too young to understand but he told her to look around and imagine a very hot day like today a long time ago. There are twenty teenage boys spread out on the field and and along the fence yelling stuff at each other during a softball double header. I'm one of the boys.

A flock of girls we kinda knew but weren't part of our crowd come out of the girls locker room after a swim with their wet hair as I step to the plate. I have one eye on one of them and one eye on the pitcher. First pitch I hit a long drive into that last handball court out in centerfield. I rounded second and slid into third base but the ball got there first and I was out. I bounced up, dusted off and looked towards home plate and the girl my eye was busy on had ten fingers through the fence and was looking right at me. The second game went into extra innings. The pretty girl never left.

I worked up the guts to walk over to her and say hello. She smiled, not a word, took off my glasses and said, "I want to see your eyes better." That's how I met your mother.


"Having a good day here, two hours at the dog run, three long walks, and a giant stick to work on. It's time for nappy." Charlie (nine months old today) 

Mark your calendar! June 17!

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@Ryans Daughter, 350 E. 85 St.
@Friday, June 17th @ 7pm-11pm
special guests: Colin DempseyJoe DettmoreNicole Ferraro, Andy McGillicuddy, Tim McGillicuddy and Una McGillicuddy and mucho more.

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