Wednesday, September 2, 2015

In the 1960s September TV Guides Were Gold

"More cartoons. Come on, think."
I went cuckoo at this time of year in the 1960's. The TV Guide was my bible. I studied the pages every Friday after shopping with my mother at Sloan's supermarket a block away from Mom's parents at 1616 York Avenue. The fall season issue of TV Guide made me squeal.

September meant new TV seasons. I memorized my picks and started planning my case versus Dad over show choice. I only won a few but I remember my wins.

All Dad liked was "Victory at Sea" (he was a Navy man) and any old movie on Ch 5, 9 or 11. The Late Show, too, on Channel 2.  

Mom would pick her moment to side with me. But I was a weird kid, I liked the Wagner music behind the war documentaries, and I fell in love with old Hollywood. So when I lost, I usually won.

Photo above, it was summer 1956. My face of awe indicates I was thinking deeply about my favorite cartoons when my father took this photo of me in my overall jumper shorts. As directed by Dad, I imitate Napoleon. Or, I may be scratching my nipple. He probably gave me a tuner turning lesson right after this shot.

Across the street behind the girls posing below was Sloan's Supermarket on the west side of York Avenue between 86th Street and 87th Street. A regular stop on Friday's year round.

Aunt Barbara & two pals named Pat @York Ave & 86St @1954

Probably watching Hitchcock

Ron Howard a 1954 baby with Andy

what a dilemma, homework or TV?
Hair doooo

a happy camper

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