Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Ballantine Blast!

I biked to hallowed ground today ~ the old Yankee Stadium footprint between 157th Street and 161st Street off River Avenue. I stood behind home plate, my soul sank and flew, the memories, good and bad rolled in, I felt pain that broke my heart and delirious joy, bliss that stayed with me for weeks. I watched a kid hammer a ball off the right field fence. I thought I saw the 344 sign. That brought the 1961 M&M boys to mind.

Mantle hits facade off Pedro Ramos

Roger's 61st

Mick greeting Roger

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Al Hauser said...

Spent many an afternoon in the upper deck on the first base side watching the Mick, Moose, Hank, Clete, Tony K, Andy C, Yogi, Roger, Hector, Bob C, Bob T. Ralph T, Luis, Elston, Gil, Whitey, Bobby R, Bobby S, Ryan D and many others.

Thomas Pryor said...

very odd to be there, Al. Felt the ghosts.

Al Hauser said...

I'm certain they were there