Friday, June 13, 2014

The Losers Lounge - Best Bang for the Buck in NYC

Ward White
My happiest time of year is not tied to the weather, nor is it tied to a holiday. I get silly when The Losers Lounge play Joe’s Pub. Founded by Joe McGinty and Nick Danger in 1993 at the Pink Pony, the revue grew into a musical force when it merged with the Kustard Kings led by David Terhune (David formed the band in 1992.) 4 to 5 times a year, the Losers pay tribute to a band or songwriter (sometimes two artists in a show down: Cat Stevens vs. James Taylor; or a holiday theme like Valentine Day.) Each show, 20 or more artists spill their guts on one song each with the band behind them. I began following the Losers at West Beth in 1999, and like a rat behind the Pied Piper I followed the music over to Fez under the Time Cafe. Several years ago the show moved across Lafayette Street north to Joe’s Pub.
Mike Fornatale

Today, The Losers Lounge are brilliantly led by Joe McGinty and David Terhune on lead guitar in the Joe McGinty 7 (Kustard Kings merged into the 7.) The band roster, Julian Maile, Jeremy Chatsky, Clem Waldman, Eddie Zweiback, Connie Petruk, Tricia Scotti, Megan Gould, Claudia Chopek, Eleanor Norton clear your minds of worries with fabulous music at each show. The remarkable Nick Danger continues to perform a tune at each show.

Last weekend, I attended the Talking Heads show on Friday and Saturday. Wild nights! Here are photos from those shows and two links to more than 175 photographs from Friday and Saturday.

Do yourself a favor, stay tuned to The Losers Lounge web site for information on their next event. You’ll love it. At $25 a pop, The Losers Lounge remains the best bang for the buck in NYC.

David Driver

Connie Petruk & David Terhune


David Milone

Cici James

Wilder Selzer

Nick Danger & Thomas Pryor

Joe McGinty

Anna Copacabana

Alyson Greenfield

Joanna Choy

Jack Skuller

Roshara Francis

Libby Sentz

Alyson Greenfield

Susan Neuffer

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