Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring's A Coming ~ Adam Wade's Storytelling Graduation Show & Central Park

Joe Dettmore
Great show yesterday at Adam Wade's Storytelling 2 class graduation at Magnet Theater. Ryan Looper, Terrence Gray, Eric Sepe, Elizabeth Phillips, Steve Whyte & Joe Dettmore kicked ass with great stories developed over our six week class with Professor Wade. Ivailo Dimov, Laura Weinblatt & John Lin, you were missed.

I walked through Central Park on my way to the show. Spring ain't sprung but it certainly tried yesterday. A beautiful day with a beautiful group of storytellers and a fine audience rooting us on. Thank you, all for letting me play with you. hugs, Tommy.

Here is a link to an album from show and Central Park.

I will put up more photos from the show and the park tomorrow.

Next Stoops to Nuts show @ Cornelia Street Cafe on Tuesday, March 11th is FREE.

Steve Whyte

Elizabeth Phillips

Prof. Wade

Eric Sepe

Ryan Looper

Terrence Gray

A lefty

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Bethesda Terrace

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