Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Say Goodbye to the Woolworth Building's Westside

Construction of "another light-blocking tower we don't need" on Church Street between Park Place and Barclay Street will eliminate the west view of NYC's finest building. The gorgeous Dun and Bradstreet building was demolished to make way for this Silverstein crap. 

See 2008 NYTimes article on the site.

It was knucklehead luck that I ended up in City Hall Park this morning when it was 5 degrees without my gloves or a hat.

Our next "City Stories: Stoops to Nuts," show is Tuesday, January 14th @ 6pm @ Cornelia Street Cafe. Our talented artists are Melissa Caminneci, Annette Estevez, Natasha Gural and Maggie Nuttall, with your host, Thomas Pryor.  $8 admission includes a free drink.

Time Out Magazine says, "Stoops to Nuts," is a positive experience not to be missed. No they didn't, but they do say it's a cool thing to do.

"Giving Thanks to Mom" a new one published in Mr. Beller's Neighborhood.

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