Monday, September 23, 2013

John Jay Park at Dusk ~ Photo Exhibit Opens Oct 1st @ Yorkville Creperie

If you were looking for your softball somewhere near this fence & wall on 76th Street, odds were high someone had just hit a home run. South end of John Jay Park.

I was down the park doing some thinking and writing last week at the end of a day and sat there till dusk settled over. The river was gorgeous through the silhouettes of the trees.

The reason Yorkville ended up with a second park on the river between 76th and 78th Street is that property's footprint was the original site for the bridge to Queens. When they later choose 59th Street and built the bridge there, the city gave the John Jay property to the Parks Department and it tied in perfectly with the Suburban Houses across the street built between 1901 and 1909. Yorkville's political might out of the the Cherokee Club at 334 E. 79th Street was a city-wide force with 4,000 due paying members prior to 1950.

Yorkville Creperie at 1586 York Avenue is currently hosting an exhibit of my photography. The work will be on display through the end of this year. All framed work is for sale and my photographic prints are available for purchase @ Thomas R. Pryor Photography. There is a price list on the wall at Yorkville Creperie. The manager has a flyer describing the exhibit with the price list and my background. Please ask your Creperie server or the manager for a copy.

Also on display are photographs of the Creperie storefront and The Saloon storefront from 1960 and 1962 when they were known as Joe's Candy Store and the Old Timer's Tavern. One is my first photo of Dad and his pals in the bar looking out, and the other is my Dad's shot of my cousin Bobby, Rory and I on Christmas Day with my first two wheeler. That bike and Dad's camera kicked off my interest in photography when we rode all over Manhattan every weekend we could.

There's an opening reception for the exhibit on Tuesday, October 1st @ 7pm to 9pm next door the Creperie in The Saloon. Everyone is welcome, refreshments will be served. Come visit Yorkville, we'll have a nice time.

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