Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Yorker of the Month

I am grateful and proud that Ask a New Yorker named me April’s New Yorker of the Month.

Mid-March, I took a long walk through Yorkville with Kennedy Moore, the founder of Ask a New Yorker and it all came out.  My love for the neighborhood, the city, the people still here and those gone. The rich Yorkville memories block to block, up to the avenues then down to the river.

Our walk started at Lexington Avenue and 86th Street, the center of Yorkville’s universe. We meandered the lower 80s and went up to the footprint of the old Ruppert Brewery. Stopped at the Isaacs/Holmes Housing Project, then over to Asphalt Green football field. We played in Carl Schurz Park, strolled the Drive and concluded our walkabout in front of 517 East 83rd Street, my old home, where our journey ended.

I love our city and my warren, Yorkville.  Thank you, Ask a New Yorker.

Our next City Stories: Stoops to Nuts storytelling show is six days away, Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at the Cornelia Street Café.

Our sensational line-up: Slash Coleman, Kurt Gertsmann, Dave Lester, Susan Neuffer, Sherryl Marshall and Thomas Pryor.

Admission is $7 and includes a free drink. I guarantee a good time.

Rear wall of the Yorkville Casino ~ 85th St


Old Timers

Mom in front of 519 E 86th St ~ 1961

East Side Settlement House cornerstone 

1903 drawing of East Side Settlement House


Patti said...

Congrats and well deserved to you as NY'er of the month for some, for all time for others!

Thomas Pryor said...

Thank you, Patti.