Friday, June 10, 2011

Storytelling in Central Park & Cornelia Street Cafe

50 years ago in 1961, Dad bought a Yashica 44 camera and the golden age of Pryor photography was lit much to the chagrin of Mom, Rory and me. Dad was relentless and we were his subjects. No back drop was safe. He caught us hungry, moody, sweaty, itchy, bitchy, happy, mad, goofy, every feeling a tightly wound family experiences.

One of our first trips with the new camera was over to Central Park so we could hit all the great statues. Rory and my favorite was Hans Christian Anderson sitting and reading "The Ugly Duckling" to the duck, I thought this was so nice of him. How considerate, writing a story about someone, then reading that story to them. As we walked around Sailboat Lake after the photos I thought, I gotta do that someday.

Next Tuesday, June 14th @ 6pm @ Cornelia Street CafĂ©, wonderful storytellers and songsmiths keep up Mr. Anderson’s tradition. “City Stories: Stoops to Nuts” storytelling show presents: Barbara Aliprantis, Nicole Ferraro, Don Piper, Francesca Rizzo and Edward Rogers. Expect to hear stories and songs about transformation. Admission is $7 bills (quack!) with one free drink.

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