Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Chrysler Building From Two Vantage Points

Last night, I attended an event at 42nd Street & Fifth Avenue. A great spot to view the Chrysler Building. I also photographed it a few days ago on a gray day. Some pictures below.

The event I attended: We Are Booming created by Ann Fry is a project committed to changing the conversation about aging. The topic attracts me. I consider myself in the bottom of the sixth inning with three more ahead and I'm pulling for extra innings. We Are Booming presses folks to consider giving something back before you exit. In my home, I'm surrounded by my Dad, Mom & brother's art. For that, I'm blessed. They are always with me, and inspire me to do the same with whatever I do best. I'm working on it. I believe in karma, I believe the love you give comes right back to you. One of my greatest gifts was having all four grandparents until I was 10, and they lived literally around the block and two blocks away. I saw them every day, and I loved their stories, I loved their generation and those slight and huge differences in ways they grew up versus how my parents grew up, I soaked their memories up.

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