Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time Waits For No One

My brain tells me I took this picture yesterday. The calender tells me it was 20 years ago. If my brain thinks this photo was taken yesterday, then tomorrow I will be 76 years old.

Our ride is short, each day is a gift. I thank a few friends for things they may or may not know they did for me.

Jack Hoehlein, thank you for turning me on to Garland Jeffreys music.

Freddy Muller ~ Squeeze & how to slide into a base
Steve Murphy ~ Egg Rolls
Gerard Murphy ~ Flounder stuffed with spinach
John Cupo ~ running Central Park's Bridal Path & Reservoir
Robert Marantz ~ directing me to Freefall Writing
Barbara Turner ~ collecting loose thoughts, shaping them
Cris Beam ~ collecting loose stories, shaping them
Mom ~ Irish Sandwich ~ Hellman's Mayo, Iceberg Lettuce, Wonder Bread & Hitchcock
Joannie ~ the beach
Mike "Booger" Howley ~ Tom Waits
Ellen Schecter ~ writing confidence
Pop ~ sitting on a tall stoop
Dad ~ catch, how to collect interesting crap
Nan ~ finish a job properly
Linda Goldstein's Port Authority boss in 1981 ~ Long Beach Island

thank you, Tommy


I'm telling tonight at Cornelia Street Cafe @ 6pm along with a group of terrific storytellers, please come down.

Later tonight, at 9pm, my guests on Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts radio show are Eric Vetter, Alex "The Assassin" De Suze and Carl (Baby Freak) Fortunato. Listen here at the Centanni link:


Tuesday, Dec 14 - 6:00PM

Barbara Aliprantis

Storytelling image
“Year End Festival Celebrating 14 Years of Storytelling”

No theme, no judging, no contest, just great fun, and stories with heart

Featured Teller: Thomas Pryor

and Cameo slots (5/7 minute limit) for as many tellers time will allow!

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