Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rhona in Kodachrome on Bleecker Street

After my friend, Rhona Saffer's memorial yesterday morning, walking to Bleecker Street something came to mind. As I've grown older, when I become friends with someone new I play a game with myself. I measure how much I wish I knew that person when I was 18. Then my imagination takes off, sometimes for a short flight but on a rare occasion the flight is explosive. Kodachrome scenes, powerful music and breathtaking motion, and my friend is there with me. Rhona Saffer is one of those friends. I met Rhona 12 years ago, but in my heart we met in kindergarten.

Eight years ago, we're walking down Bleecker Street on the south side of the street between Broadway and Lafayette. At the same time, Rhona & I looked up, then started to say something to each other crossing over each other's sentence. She said you first, I started blabbing about the architect, Louis Sullivan, and she punched me in the arm. We both loved 65 Bleecker Street and couldn't wait to tell each other about it. This happened in any neighborhood, rich conversations about buildings and history, always leading to another topic. We never ended a meeting with a complete thought because there was always more to say to each other.

Rhona was thoughtful, funny, smart, warm, and charming. Her smile made my heart hurt and instantly cheered me up. Her deep love for her kids, Jonathan, Jordan and Gaby was awesome. I selfishly miss her.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet thing to read about Rhona. I was thinking about her and saw this. Thanks. Dulce

Thomas Pryor said...

I miss Rhona, and think about her smile a lot.