Sunday, August 8, 2010

History of the Losers Lounge ~ on Yorkville Radio ~ Tuesday @ August 10th @ 9pm

This Tuesday, August 10th @ 9pm on the Yorkville radio show, I'm exploring and celebrating the history of the Losers Lounge Show & The Kustard Kings. Losers Lounge is a bi-monthly tribute show where local talent pays homage to the pop music greats of the past.

My guests: Joe McGinty, Nick Danger & David Terhune.

Joe & Nick started the Losers in 1993 at the Pink Pony Cafe on Ludlow Street (I love saying Ludlow Street, reminds me of Garland Jeffreys' Ghost Writer). The Kustard Kings, David Terhune's brainchild, merged with the Losers in 1994.

We're talking Losers and playing tunes. We're looking through old Losers programs with the lights on.

What I love most about the show is the skill of the band and Joe's talent choices: ranging from the girl off the stool in the drug store to the Broadway star.

At the Bee Gees show a few years ago, Michael Cerveris ran over from his Tony award winning performance in Sweeney Todd to sing "World."

Now, I've found, that the world is round,
And of course, it rains every day.

Three years earlier, my friend, Susan Neuffer, got up at the Fez and nailed her karaoke tune, "Staying Alive."

The thing that strikes me at a Losers show is the devotion every performer, every musician, has for the song they are playing & singing. The energy surges around the space like we're all body surfing at the beach. I love watching the acts spy each other off stage when their number is through. The camaraderie is palpable ~ Lianne standing in the back of Joe's Pub smiles, laughs and taps her foot when Nick does his thing.

If I could, I'd still be playing football, every day till the day I die. But I can't. But I can listen to music, my equal passion. Or better, hear it live. No recurring event gives me more pleasure than the Losers Lounge show. It's been my privilege to enjoy the Losers Lounge for 12 years at WestBeth, Fez, CBGBs & Joe's Pub. I leave every show with a shit ass grin. It's a recreational drug, with no payback. Try it.

Go to the Centanni link below to listen to the History of the Losers Lounge show at @ 9pm on Tuesday August 10th ~ live streaming

We're taping the show at 3pm @ Tuesday @ August 10th at Giovanna's restaurant @ 1567 Lexington Avenue (between 100th & 101st Street). You are welcome to come, cheer the guys on and be part of the audience.

By the way, Elvis Costello loves Losers!

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