Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gotta Get Up ~ The Losers Lounge Show Is On the Centanni Archive

The Losers Lounge history radio show is up on the Centanni archive link for your listening pleasure.

If link above does not open go to Centanni link below and find Yorkville archive on homepage.

Thank you, Nick Danger, Joe McGinty & David Terhune for sharing the story of the glorious eighteen year old musical pile-up that makes countless fans happy and hum like idiots at their desks, days after the show.

The Losers Lounge series is one of New York City's best, not so secret-secrets for making life less tough. I predict: I'll sneak a grand kid into a Losers show before I kick the bucket. The little girl will turn to me and ask , "Hey Pop, I like this Harry Nilsson do you have any of his records?" I'll smile knowing three Lps sit comfortably in my
living room waiting for a new person to take them out and put them on the turntable and be amazed, like we all should be as often as possible.

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