Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Alison & Tommy Love The Kinks ~ Yorkville Radio Tonight

Alison Pryor is my guest tonight on "Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts," radio show @ 9pm @ Centanni link below. It's a Kinks show.

Alison and I are not historians, we're not the musical snobs in Nick Hornby books (OK, sometimes), we simply love the Kinks. We don’t know everything about them, but we do want to tell you why their music is important to us and why its a continual source of joy. We all have damaged heroes, Ray Davies is one of ours. We don't know him personally, and never will, but it’s easy to separate the beauty of his music and his lyrics and let them stand sensationally on their own. I spent a thousand hours sitting on a stoop listening to this nut and I love him. Ray Davies music was an essential fabric in the weave of the neighborhood. He happily haunts many places for Alison & me.

Alison comes to the show with DJ experience. Pictured here, two of her gigs: First, Bay Ridge, 1990, she spun tunes on the turntable and leaned towards Motown, Southside Johnny, Kinks, New Wave and the Boss. In college, she hosted a Saturday night show and played records with her friend, Ollie. During their show, I danced alone in my room to all songs, and kept this to myself. Some of the best times of my life.

Come by tonight, listen to our show at Giovanna's restaurant. We're having a little party before Ali returns to France. All friends are welcome.

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