Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sparkle Lane ~ Happy 208th Birthday, Nan!

Thank you, Edward Rogers, for being my guest last night on "Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts,". I love people who shut me up, Ed, you do that. It's always a joyful education for me, please come back to the show in the fall. We'll keep the conversation going and play more tunes. Please visit Ed's web site below, and pick up his wonderful new album, "Sparkle Lane."

Thank you, Melani Rogers for your great smile that cheered us on.

It was our third show at Giovanna's Restaurant. Davino continues to make us feel at home with splendid food and hospitality.

If you'd like to listen to the show here is the link on the terrific Centanni Broadcasting Network.

Please listen in next week @ Tuesday @ 9pm or go to the archive and listen to the show at your leisure.

Today is my grandmother, Ann Pryor Rode's 104th birthday ~ or is it her 208th birthday?

I’m 10, I go up my grandmother’s house around the corner to see what’s up.

“Hi, Nan.”
“That's it?”
“I said, hi.”
“Where’s my Happy Birthday?”
“I wished you a happy birthday on the 23rd and made you a card, its right there on top of the TV.”
“Today is my birthday, too.”
Involuntarily, my head started shaking. I was used to my grandmother’s inquisitions but I didn’t understand this one and needed assistance.
“Nan, I don't get it.”
She explained.

Nan was delivered by Saveria Palermo, a mid-wife from the Yorkvilleneighborhood on July 23, 1906 in her family's apartment at 1403 Avenue A, later named York Avenue, two buildings in, off 75thStreet.
When the lazy mid-wife filled out her Board of Health birth certificates the following Monday, July 30th, she used the same date, Saturday, July 28th, for all the babies she delivered that week ~ so, Nan had two birthdays, July 23rd & July 28th.
My great-grandfather, Antonino Cuccia, a fruit stern, and his wife Giovanna couldn't read or speak English so they never fixed the certificate, but they always celebrated Anna’s birthday twice.
She was the baby of the family and a spoiled brat. She told me.
Nan never bored me. I miss her.
Here are some pictures of Anna Cuccia, aka, Ann Pryor Rode.

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