Monday, July 26, 2010

The Hardest Button to Button

Last week, I told two Yankee baseball memories to a TV camera, I'll leave it at that until I'm sure there's a show and I'm in it. I brought a ton of material with me after ransacking my place looking for stuff I swore I intelligently put away the last time I needed them: photos, letters, clippings, tix stubs, programs, etc. When The New York Times published my New York Giant & Yankee stories in 2008 and asked for same things, my apartment looked like I was robbed by mean, thing-breaking thieves. Dyslexic Anti-Dewey decimal freak I am, I did it again. Why do I do this to myself? My nerves are shot, I've wasted three days re-organizing my stuff. But this time I did it right, shoved everything in those long wooden Dewey decimal drawers in the antique library filing cabinet I picked up in the 4th Avenue Antique store. Only kidding, but all items are now filed, boxed or snugly put away in photograph storage things. Almost done.

You can take me anywhere, but you can't dress me.

At the TV studio one of the producers needed to fix the collar on my shirt and on my sports jacket which had flipped up after my shirt was resolved. I had to re-button my shirt twice, how buttons open themselves I'll never know, I'm not portly. I sat on the microphone booster and had to retell a tale when I did. In one story, Sparky Lyle, a pitcher, after striking out the side, leaves the mound banging his glove against his chest. Without thinking it through, I reenacted this scene and beat my fist against my chest, one inch away from the microphone on my lapel. The fellow doing the sound with the headphones on looked like the only guy on the stage who didn't know the cannon goes off at the end of the 1812 Overture. After he recovered, I apologized twice.

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Tomorrow night's guest is Edward Rogers, songwriter, musician, yarn spinner. Edward has a terrific new record, "Sparkle Lane." We'll play a few songs off the album and a few tunes from way back that trigger our neighborhood memories.


A dear friend, Rhona Saffer, passed away yesterday. Too young, too soon. Funny with a wicked wit, smart and compassionate. She never judged me, always loved me. Rhona was a terrific friend & loving always there for her kids mother. I'll miss her every day.

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