Monday, June 28, 2010

Two Dogs Agree ~ We're Going to Tommy's Reading Party

Casey did her touch-her-nose trick for Ted but failed to cheer him.
"Ted, what's up?"
I don't know, Casey, just feeling blue."
"Let's play our singles."

Casey took the 45 bin out from under the bed and picked "Epistle to Dippy." Ted choose "The Pied Piper."

This made Ted sadder because Crispian St. Peters the Pied Piper singer just died. Casey struggled with a solution to Ted's sadness and decided it was time for live entertainment.

Casey and Ted will attend Tommy's Reading Party at Cornelia Street Cafe this coming Wednesday @ June 30th @ 6pm. Free party, free drinks. Let's get together and cheer Ted up. Claudia Chopek, Ward White, Angelo Verga, Robin Hirsch and Tommy will weave tales for you to laugh and sigh, or throw rotten fruit.

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