Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cornelia Street Fuels Economic Recovery

Friends of mine were in from Ohio this weekend for the Losers Lounge shows at Joe's Pub and to roam the city. From left to right Doreen, Carol, Maggie, Diane, Nancy & Anne joined Jon Calvert & me for a walking tour of the Village.

During our trek, we passed Cornelia Street Cafe heading south, made a right on Bleecker Street where Jon noticed a dollar bill in a storm drain off the curb. Jon and I kept walking but the ladies stopped. One lady took out a piece of gum and put it on the tip of another's yellow umbrella, that lady dipped the umbrella in the drain targeting the bill, slid it to the side and upwards where Carol retrieved it off a soggy OTB racing sheet. That's Carol holding up the bill. Carol tried to give the bill away, but nobody wanted it, I took if from Carol and snuck it into Anne's bag as we snaked through a street fair heading west.

When we finished the tour, we let Anne know she had the stinky diver dollar. She held her nose and carefully handled the bill with a napkin. All I hope is that dollar is being put to good use in these hard times.

I had a terrific time with the ladies. Thank you, Jon & Maggie, for inviting me.

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