Saturday, February 20, 2010

Neighborhood Storytelling in Word & Song, Next Sun, Feb 28th @ 3pm @ Maxwell's in Hoboken

Neighborhood Evolution
Through Story & Song
Sunday, February 28th @ 3pm ~ Admission; $7
@ Maxwell’s, 1039 Washington Street, Hoboken
Hoboken and New York artists burrow through their warrens, digging in the dirt, interpreting their neighborhood experiences, past and present. Through song and story, they rebuild places that don’t exist anymore or hide from plain sight. Wiggle inside an ash can to escape a bully. Lean out a window with a pillow under your chest and see a guy in a T-shirt running up a fire escape with a TV under his arm! Hurdle an air shaft on a roof just to feel your heart pound on the outside of your chest… or sit on a stoop.

The neighborhood’s awake and talented songwriters, musicians and storytellers are ready to paint characters and scenes for your eyes and ears. Here are the artists on the block:
Claudia Chopek (with Ward White), Edward Rogers, Debby Schwartz (with Katie Gentile), Eddie Skuller (with Mike Fornatale), Lianne Smith, Amanda Thorpe
Abbi Crutchfield, Philip Dray, Thomas Pryor, Naturi Thomas, Adam Wade