Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yorkville Crossroads 1943 & 1966

Men & boys love taking photographs in front of taverns. The top one is me, Dad, our baseball gloves and a friend named Red in front of Loftus Tavern at the s/w corner of York Avenue & 85th Street in 1966.
Loftus was our favorite catch location.
The second photo is Dad and his crew in 1943 a block away on the n/e corner of York & 84th Street in front of Gene's Tavern.
The next four photos are the some of the same guys in front and on the side of Gene's.
All these pictures are courtesy of Walter Trusits, Dad's best friend. Walt dropped over this afternoon to do some scanning.


Steve Geosits said...

Great photos Tommy... Thanks...

Anonymous said...

In my earliest memory this place was like an Army/Navy clothing store. They had a section in the back where they outfitted all the kids for summer camp. A most unique aroma prevaded the establishment. The proprietors were this older husband and wife team. The lady was nice but remember the husband had the "ever-so-gentlest of manner" about him and a soft refined voice ;)

Later the same couple converted the front into a video rental place and the back into a home electronics repair center. They also had some kind of Post Office Annex set up there. If I shut my eyes I can just still hear that guys "soft gentle voice" arguing with some customer in the back.

After that it became a 7-11 which reminds me, its time for another beef patty, off I go...