Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mad Mom's Not Pleased With Pee-wee

Despite Mad Mom's best efforts, Pee-wee continues to woo Bride of Frankenstein Barbie.
In the last month, Pee-wee bought fine art for his angel, taken her to roof top restaurants for French cuisine, arranged tango lessons, and spun Bride of Frankenstein Barbie through Central Park in horse-drawn carriages. The last straw for Mad Mom was hearing Pee-wee told Bride of Frankenstein Barbie that her Italian sauce was the best in the world. Made Mad Mom's blood boil.

Mad Mom promised to blast this tryst asunder. Stay tuned...

Watching the action, my Uncle Mommy's teddy bear & friends. There hasn't been this much excitement in the living room since Lawrence Tynes drove the ball through the uprights in Green Bay sending the Giants to the Super Bowl two seasons ago. Teddy is hoping to get called into action later in the football schedule this year. Teddy told me he was in a car last week, and a guy pulled up along side him in a yellow Hummer with a sticker on the side that said "Top of the World." When Teddy looked inside to see who was driving he saw a guy with a bad haircut wearing a Dallas Cowboy jacket.

Here is a picture of City Hall Park at midnight and one of the Woolworth building yesterday.


Merrill said...

Pee Wee clearly knows how to woo a lady--what's Mad Mom's problem?

Thomas Pryor said...

Typical stage mom, Mad Mom has orchestrated Pee-wee's life since day one and she planned the playhouse to keep him in one place.

Bride of Frankenstein Barbie opened the barn door freeing Pee-wee when they started gallivanting.

Pee-wee is smitten. Who wouldn't be? Look at her... come on...