Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Nice Italian Wedding & Mama D's @ Thursday Night

Here my Italian side, the Cuccia's (landed at 1403 York Avenue in 1896) & the Gallopo's (landed in Lido, New Jersey about the same time) gather for the wedding of Phil & Jennie in 1945. Several men who would be there, are not there, because they are still in World War II military service. Everybody looks happy, and knowing 90 percent of the people in the photo, they weren't faking it. Most here, thoroughly enjoyed living and rarely sat down between work and their interests. Most of my endurance and stick-tuitiveness comes from this end of the family.
On top, in the cutout photo, are Bob Pryor (Dad) & his cousin, Dottie Gallopo (both 16 yrs old).
The bottom cut out is my grandmother, the former, Anna Cuccia with her brother, Joe Cuccia. Joe's nickname was Cheech he played baseball with Jimmy Cagney and his brother Bill on the Yorkville Nut Baseball Club. They also went to PS 158 together. Joe worked with the Long Island Press for many years at Queensboro Plaza. He played centerfield for their softball team. I have box scores. Joe made it to 42 years old as a bachelor, he lived on and off with his sister, my father's family at 1582 York Avenue, then Joe married a very pretty Italian woman named Mary who wrote cookbooks. Joe smoked Guinea stinkers, a long and twisted Italian cigar. They smelled awful.
Tell you something that doesn't smell, Mama D's Arts Bordello, this Thursday night at 8pm at Parkside Lounge. Terrific entertainment.
Mama D's Arts Bordello Presents: Choose Your Own Adventure
DATE: Thursday, May 28th
TIME: 8pm
PLACE: The Parkside Lounge
ADDRESS: 317 E. Houston (between Aves. B and C)
COVER: $5.00


Tootie said...

I swear Tommy, I don't know how you remember all of the family history so well. But, I do know that we have similar personalities, as I think we both make an adventure out of everything that comes our way.

Tommy Pryor said...

hi tootie, when i was a kid the first thing id ask my grandparents to do was take out the pictures, they loved doing that, we do this over and over again and the stories kept coming, i was a lucky kid, hope you are well, tommy