Friday, December 5, 2008

Stuff in Stockings

Gabriella breezed into St. Stephen’s sixth grade as a new student, and left a battleship wake when she mysteriously disappeared after seventh grade.

Gabriella was a cute, quiet Hungarian immigrant who spoke weak English. Deep low voice, like Natasha on the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Her hair was cut short and bobbed, to show off her huge dark almond-shaped eyes and rich lips. Drove the boys loopy, the girls hated her guts.

Gabriella tried to conform and win over the girls. She never responded to the boys trying to charm her socks off. She wore the school uniform, conservative and trim: blue jumper, white blouse buttoned to the top with a neat blue bow tie, high white socks with saddle shoes. This all meant nothing to the other girls. Gabriella could have been Richie Rich’s twin sister, and they wouldn’t have cared, and would’ve still hated her guts, because the guys were looking at her, instead of them.

Gabriella was lonely in sixth grade.

Seventh grade, Gabriella returned to the classroom with the bobbed hair and luscious lipstick with dark eyeliner that made her look like Cleopatra, and I mean that in a good way. No more, shy flower with the boys. She must have figured, "the hell with it." She began to loosen her bow tie right after lunch, by two o’clock, the second blouse button snuck open, unless the Nun nailed her. Guys asked to go to the bathroom in record numbers to walk pass her desk to sneak a peek. The bra patrol.

The high white socks were gone, replaced with sheer stockings. This was the first time I realized, that girls' legs could give girls' boobs, equal time in my Daydreaming Hall of Fame.

Oh, my God, she was a delicious genetic milkshake. Every part of her body measured by an angel for rightness, before she was handed over to the stork for delivery. Her legs were smooth, curvy, strong, perfect. Tan, all year, thanks to her gypsy blood.

After a boy battle in the classroom, the Nun moved our seating arrangements around, and miraculously, I ended up behind Gabriella on the window aisle. I got the window pole assignment - that meant getting up and down to open windows and check on Gabriella.

Occasionally, Gabriella stretched her leg back towards my desk giving me a close up. This never lasted long enough for my satisfaction. I wanted it to stay there all day. She and I got along. I made her laugh and she appreciated my help with her math. I saw an opening.

Sister Aloysius announced a surprise spelling bee. I faked panic and leaned forward.

Pssst, Gabriella, Gabriella, I need your help.”
“I didn’t study this week’s words.”
“Well, I ‘m not sure I know them either.”
“No, no, no. I’m going to write them down on a gyp note. You put them inside your stocking, and stick them half way down in the back. Doing the test, stick your leg back and I’ll read the words, you can see them when you bring your leg forward. OK?”

We got caught. The Nun had my number.

I accepted full blame, got a zero, and watched it get dark outside from inside the classroom.

Doing the crime, well worth the time.

The End

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Abbi said...

Ooh, she was a beauty!