Monday, October 27, 2008

"Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts" Free Show Tomorrow Night!

Ishmael reminded me the "Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts" show is tomorrow night.

So we’ll finish the haircut on Wednesday.

Please come down to Chez Joey’s at 17 Murray Street on Tuesday night, October 28th @ 6pm for a rich trip back to Manhattan’s Yorkville neighborhood in the 1950s’ and 1960s’.

Saara, Myles and I have tales to tell, Amanda has tunes to sing, and Jon has pictures to show how life was, and still is, because when you’re a kid the center of your universe is never more than one block long.

17 Murray Street Tavern
(between Broadway and Church Street)
One block west of City Hall

#6 train to Brooklyn Bridge
any westside subway line that stops at Chambers Street

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